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Shamal for Pharma

Shamal for Pharma is a Servo controlled horizontal flowrap machine with bottom reel that produces pillow packs with three air tight seals, from a reel of heat sealable wrapping material. This Shamal is also designed for M.A.P. (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).

Main Features:

  • Flexibility: the format can be changed in just a few minutes. The Shamal includes the LVA function which is the automatic adjustment of bag length according to the length of the product, as well as a print registration facility. The ERS (Extended Rotary Sealing) concept allows to products to be wrapped with a max. height of 190 mm.
  • Ergonomics: The new design of the main guard, shuttle conveyors, crimper assembly and crimper height adjustment have improved the user friendliness of the machine and reduced set-up times.
  • Easy cleaning: constructed in AISI 304 with large radius corners, all product contact parts can be sanitised and are made of FDA approved materials.
  • Packaging speeds: up to 120 cycles per minute if supplied with fixed pitch function or 90 with LVA function.

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